Hello everyone!!! I am so excited to be starting this blog because anytime I find something that helps me or benefits my life, I want to share it with other people!!! ! So, I have created this page which will provide a hodge podge of information on anything from parenting to cooking, oils to blended families, children to psychology. If I experience something in my work, family, personal life, I will share it here in hopes that it benefits someone else. Sometimes I come up with the simplest ideas that I really don’t think someone else wouldn’t think of and then I share it with someone and they say, “oh wow, that’s clever, I never though of that” or “thanks, I am going to try that”. So, if I find a tip or a life hack or just a simple solution to make a busy, working mama’s day easier, then I will share it here. Thank you for tuning in and stay tuned for more!!